[Intermediate] My big trip to Australia and how to copy an Australian accent



Today I will write about when I studied in Australia.

I studied a few years in Melbourne. Do you know where that is?



I didn’t even know where Melbourne was when I started to research on it haha…


It’s situated in the very south of Australia.

Well actually… very south is Tasmania but…


Anyway, if you are interested, please google and check it out.



I found this useful website that you might be interested 😉




As I mentioned in my article, I wanted to be a gaikokujin I mean I wanted to look like a person who is from English speaking countries.

I watched many dramas especially ones from the US. It is a little embarrassing but I tried to behave the same as one of those characters in the drama.

My host family in Melbourne said to me I had an American accent and I was kind of proud at that time.

However now I kind of think they wanted to say ‘you are different’ haha.

After spending a few years there, without mentioning it, I copied all aussie accent and I sounded like one of those farmers in a country side haha.


Do you know how they sound like?

It’s more like a different language. It might be a good listening practice so I’ll just post a YouTube video here.



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Hope you have a nice day today.



See you later!


Thank you for your cooperation 😉

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